How To Choose A Stand Spin Mat

If you are a beginner then it might interest you to know that a stand spin mat is a great place to start with. The spin mat is a relatively inexpensive exercise machine which, depending on the brand you buy, provides you with many exercise opportunities. It is an all around good value and, in my opinion, you should make your investment with as much care as you would a high street store appliance. This means ensuring that the stand that you purchase is of a good enough quality so that it provides you with a comfortable workout. In this article I will take a look at how to select a standing desk mat.

A good stand or spin mat should offer you two main benefits. Firstly, it should be wide enough to provide you with plenty of room to exercise. The stand should also be deep enough to provide you with a full stretch. This means that, when lying down on the mat, your back should have adequate support and your shoulders and hips should be well above the heart level. It's important that the weight is distributed across the body and that, if possible, you can rest the mat against your legs so that you do not strain your back.

When you are purchasing a spin mat for home use, check the specifications. If it is narrow or has small grips, then it will only be comfortable for you to exercise in. Similarly, if the mat is too deep, or offers no stretching, you'll struggle to exercise properly.

Choose a stand from the fidgity that is a good size. The width should suit you but, if you're unsure, go for a slightly larger one just to test out. You don't want to get one that is too small and that restricting your range of motion, nor do you want to oversize one that bulges from the floor. If you try a smaller mat first before committing to a bigger one, you can then make your decision based on performance and comfort.

You also need to decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor stand. While an outdoor mat does provide some protection against the elements, you may not feel comfortable exercising in them when the temperature is low. Indoor ones will provide more comfort as they are warmer. Indoor stands generally cost more than outdoor ones but both will offer you a great cardio workout.

Finally, check out your budget. Spin mats cost a little more than treadmills but, if you can afford it, they provide a much more complete and versatile workout. They are much safer than treadmills too so if you have a baby or young child, they are a great way to ensure your kids stay fit. If cost is a factor, you can choose a mat that is very basic, with no additional features, or one with extra features such as a console to show your heart-rate, a monitor for maximum fitness potential, and a built-in fan. Read more on lectern at

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